Amazon’s new cloud service may save $2.6 billion annually

The Amazon cloud platform is supposed to provide all kinds of advantages over traditional ecommerce platforms, but the company has been slow to embrace its new service and have faced some major challenges.

Now Amazon has decided to put its cloud platform on hold, a move that will save $7 billion annually, according to a new report.

The report, from consulting firm McKinsey & Co., said Amazon is considering ending the cloud platform at the end of the year.

Amazon’s cloud business will become a new business, but it’s not clear what that will mean for other cloud offerings.

Instead, the report noted that Amazon is “working to provide cloud-based solutions that offer new capabilities for ecommerce customers, and are still considering new cloud offerings.”

Amazon has been moving toward cloud services for years.

The company has said it will eventually use the cloud to make more products available for the ecommerce market.

Amazon has also been expanding its online storefronts to allow users to shop from its website, as well as offering more Amazon-branded services.

But the report said Amazon has struggled to capture the interest of customers.

It cited “some recent customer experience changes and performance improvements.”

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