Uber’s Ecommerce accounting report: 1.2M orders and counting

The ride-hailing service Uber has set a new record for ecommerce sales, reporting more than 1.22 million transactions in October.

That number was nearly twice the previous month, and more than the previous three months combined.

In October, Uber reported that it had 1.12 million registered users.

That total was up from 1.07 million in September, according to its online sales dashboard.

Uber is expected to announce a much higher number of transactions this month, when it will release its full financials.

It will also unveil new sales figures, according the company’s press release.

The company’s revenue was up 21% over last year, when the company reported revenue of $3.4 billion.

The surge in sales comes after the company raised $500 million in venture funding.

It plans to use that money to expand its services, expand its driver fleet and invest in its business model.

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