Why Amazon’s new $15 per order price is a killer deal

Amazon is giving shoppers the option of ordering more than $15 worth of products online for just $7.99 each.

The ecommerce platform launched the $15-per-order price on Thursday.

The $15 discount is valid on Amazon’s most popular categories, including electronics, books, toys, and fashion.

If you’re buying a $50 item at the $7 per order checkout, Amazon says it will ship the item for you for just 14 days.

It’s a deal that could make shoppers feel better about their shopping habits.

Amazon says the $13.99-per of free shipping is still the lowest rate of any online retailer, but it’s not the cheapest.

In comparison, eBay has a $10 discount.

Some customers have complained that the price isn’t really worth it, and some are calling it a gimmick.

But Amazon’s move is a smart move, since the company has long been looking to expand its ecommerce offerings.

It announced plans to add more categories in October, and the new $7 price also gives shoppers a reason to shop around.

Amazon’s move follows a similar one by Apple, which lowered the price on select devices by $15 over the holiday shopping season.

It also follows other big online retailers like Google, which recently raised the price of a Chromebook to $99 from $199.

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