Amazon and Apple to offer training on react ecommerce

Amazon and the tech giant Apple are teaming up to offer a class on to help retailers and other vendors learn how to use the open source framework to make their ecommerce platforms more efficient.

According to the announcement from Amazon, Amazon is hiring a software engineer to create a free, two-hour training for Amazon and other retailers on React to “develop a simple and effective React ecommerce platform to help customers save time, increase productivity, and maximize profits on their sites.”

The class will cover everything from the basics of creating a basic shopping cart to adding a custom checkout experience.

Amazon is offering the training for $10,000 to $25,000, and Amazon says it will also provide support through the ecommerce training platform for sellers.

While Amazon has partnered with other ecommerce giants, including Shopify, the site has historically struggled to attract a wide range of developers who want to work on React and other tech platforms.

In March, Amazon said it had hired a dozen developers for the new ecommerce course, and the site is working on adding a developer portal and an online learning platform to its store portal.

Development Is Supported By

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