Amazon is looking to bring a social media podcast to the UK

Amazon is exploring a podcasting platform for UK consumers, as part of a wider plan to diversify its online business in the UK.

The retailer is working with Ecommerce Innovations to develop a social content platform for ecommerce products.

The company, which owns the popular podcasting service Weepin and the popular YouTube channel, said the social platform would allow customers to share content and create links on the platform, with Amazon providing a link-based subscription service.

“Our customers are often the ones sharing the content on their social channels and we’re thrilled to be able to offer them an alternative to pay for the privilege of having their content on our platform,” said Andrew Wilson, vice president of marketing and partnerships at Amazon.

The podcasting startup, which has about 25 employees, is working on the idea alongside Ecommerce Innovation, a UK company that specializes in social media marketing.

The company is working to establish a working relationship with the online retailer, but has yet to finalise an exact partnership.

Amazon, which makes its mark in the US and has recently announced a $5 billion buyout of Whole Foods, has been in the spotlight over the past few years with a series of high-profile legal battles.

In October 2016, the US Justice Department announced it had issued a “robust” antitrust warning against Amazon.

It found the ecommerce company engaged in a pattern and practice of price fixing and anti-competitive behaviour that harmed consumers, retailers and consumers.

The Department added that the company engaged “in unfair and deceptive acts” in the past.

Amazon was forced to pay $7 million to settle allegations that it engaged in price fixing.

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