Apple Pay app, iOS 8.0, Pay and more news

Apple Pay is set to be launched in Australia on July 1.

The app will launch on the Apple Pay website, which will be free of charge, but users will need to pay the fee.

Apple Pay is expected to make a similar move in New Zealand, where the company has been making inroads into the payment space with new products.

It is also coming to other countries like the United States, France, China, Brazil and Australia.

Apple has also launched its own payment processor in New York.

Apple’s new payment app, which launched last year, will be a part of the Apple Music app.

Apple Pay will be the first to integrate with the music streaming service.

The payment service is expected launch alongside Apple Pay in the coming weeks.

The Apple Music store will offer free trials of Apple Pay from July 1, and users will be able to pay for everything with Apple Pay at the time of their first purchase.

Apple Music is currently available on iOS devices, Macs, Apple TVs and the iPad.

It allows users to make payments in the Apple Store and Apple Music in real-time.

Users will also be able pay for movies and music from Apple Music on their iPhones, iPads, Mac computers and Apple TV.

Apple will be launching Apple Pay, Apple Pay 2.0 and Apple Pay 4.0 products in select stores in Australia, France and New Zealand.

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