Book retailer Amazon to add new ecommerce book store to shelves in New Zealand

Amazon will open a new eCommerce bookstore in New York City’s Chinatown and is expanding the eCommerce product offering at its online stores.

The new store is expected to open this year. 

New York City-based Amazon announced in August that it would open a bookstore in Chinatown in 2019.

The online retailer is the second-largest ecommerce company in the US after Walmart. 

In September, Amazon announced that it will open its first eCommerce bookstore in New Orleans. 

A “specialised and dynamic” bookstore at the corner of Grand and Dix Streets is part of Amazon’s strategy to open more stores around the world.

“We believe the most innovative stores offer a unique experience for customers who want to find and shop for a wide range of products,” said Tim Cook, Amazon’s chief executive officer, in a statement. 

“By expanding the range of Amazon products on its website, we are opening up a store that brings our customers an unprecedented breadth of products.” 

The online retailer has expanded its eCommerce offerings in recent years, with plans to add about 50 new online stores this year and another 20 by 2020. 

Earlier this month, Amazon opened a new online store in Mexico City, with the aim of expanding its ecommerce presence in the region. 

Amazon also announced plans to open its second online store on the island of Oahu, in 2019, with a plan to open 20 stores by 2020 and one store a year later. 

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