Huge ecommerce company faces huge legal troubles over breach of contract

A major ecommerce giant has been forced to take legal action against a major eCommerce agency in Israel after a breach of its contract.

Ecommerce fraud is an area of fraud involving unauthorized use of a merchant’s account to collect money from customers.

It is usually a result of a fraudster obtaining credit card information from a customer and then sending the customer an unsolicited offer for money.

In January 2017, the Ecommerce Marketing Agency (EMAA) at the Tel Aviv-based firm Hachmat Hatorah began a series of unauthorized transactions on the account of a customer.

This led to a breach.

Hachmat told The Jerusalem News that the company has filed a lawsuit against the company, which is owned by the family of former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

It was not immediately clear if the suit would be successful.

The company, based in Jerusalem, is owned in part by the HachMat family, whose father, Yitzhak, was the founder of the company.

It has been in business for more than two decades.

The lawsuit says the company violated its contract with the customer, who has not been named in the lawsuit.

The suit says that the breach was not the result of Hachmaticah’s poor security measures.

In fact, the company’s website, which was hacked in October 2016, contained hundreds of thousands of customer information and was vulnerable to phishing attempts.

It is not clear whether the breach resulted in the loss of any funds.

Hahmat has already lost millions of dollars and has taken steps to address its security.

In November 2017, it said it had launched a new security system, which it said is now “up and running.”

The lawsuit also says that Hachmetah’s CEO, Shaul Mitzrach, and his company did not adequately protect their customers’ data and were negligent in maintaining the security of the account.

Hacktivision, the security company, said it is also investigating the breach and will take legal steps to recover money.

The HachMAT lawsuit is the latest in a series filed by major companies in Israel against breaches of their contracts.

In April 2018, a group of large eCommerce companies sued the Ministry of Finance for failing to respond to a request for documents on breach-of-contract cases and for not adequately protecting their customers information.

The ministry responded to the lawsuit in November 2018 and said that it had implemented new measures to protect customer data.

The latest lawsuit comes on the heels of another legal action that also came on the same day as the Tel-Aviv-based company, The Israeli eCommerce Marketing Agency.

This time, it was the case of a former employee who worked as a customer service representative for the company and was allegedly told that his contract with Hachmateh expired in September 2017.

According to the Haim M. Goldberg Foundation, this case is the most significant in the history of the foundation’s case against large ecommerce players.

Goldberg, the foundation executive director, said the company breached its contract by making a false statement that it was closing its customer service business.

Haim Goldberg Foundation

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