Kroger eCommerce: Ecommerce customer service is better than Kroger’s

Ecommerce customers in Kroger stores say Kroger customer service has improved since the introduction of a new ecommerce platform, Kroger Customer Service.

According to Kroger Consumer Services, customer service increased by nearly 9 percent in 2016 compared to 2015.

Kroger says the improvement in customer service comes from two main reasons.

First, Krogers “customers are more knowledgeable about what to expect from Kroger and what to do when problems occur.”

Secondly, Krogemaster customer service team has been more proactive to respond to issues.

Krogemasters “customer service team is trained to respond quickly to customer service calls, including emergencies, when necessary,” Krogemazer said.

Third, Krogmaster’s online shop has also made significant improvements to improve customer experience.

Krogher has added an “advanced shopping experience” and added more tools to help customers quickly navigate the Kroger online store, Kroganer said.

The Krogemaser report said the company also found the number of customer service complaints dropped from 830 in 2015 to 582 in 2016.