What to know about costco eCommerce shopping cart

The NHL is offering a discount for anyone who buys a $10 Costco gift card or $25 Costco gift certificate through the NHL.

This offer is valid from Jan. 14 through Jan. 21.

This offer applies to the following categories:Costco gift cards, Costco gift certificates, Costco Gift Cards, Costco/Pepsi gift cards and Costco gift cards for purchase at Costco, Costco Store, Costco Club, Costco Outlet and Costco Retail Store.

Costco is offering the discount in order to help lower the costs associated with buying and keeping Costco products.

It’s not the first time that the NHL has offered a discount on Costco gift credits.

The league’s general manager of hockey operations, Jim Rutherford, previously announced a $5 off Costco gift credit for fans who sign up for a new Costco membership.

The offer comes after the NHL announced it was going to give $10 off Costco’s new membership and other new perks.

This is the second time the NHL is giving the Costco giftcards.

The NHL has previously given $5 to a member who signs up for $50,000 in savings.