Why Amazon won’t let you buy on Amazon Prime and other retailers without a Prime membership

ecommerce vendors are in a pickle.

Amazon is refusing to let you shop on its Prime-only platform, as well as some of its more exclusive retailers, including the likes of Target, Macy’s, Nordstrom, and Home Depot.

Amazon has been pushing to make the process easier for new customers.

The company told The Next Weblog in March that it plans to make Prime available to all users by 2018.

The move would give Amazon a more wide base of customers than other retailers, and give it an easier way to increase its sales.

Amazon’s new stance has left some online retailers concerned.

The decision has the potential to hurt some of their biggest customers, including Amazon’s biggest competitor, Walmart.

According to a report published by The Wall Street Journal in March, Amazon has long said it won’t sell to retailers that sell through its own marketplace.

“We’re not interested in a relationship with retailers that offer a third-party marketplace, a service that isn’t supported by Amazon,” a spokesperson for Amazon told The Journal.

“It would be like giving an option to an old car owner who has a new car to choose between two different dealerships.”

Target and Nordstrom have also publicly stated they won’t allow customers to shop on Amazon’s Prime-based platforms.

According the Wall Street Review, Target and Macy’s have also started rolling out a similar policy.

But there’s still no word from Amazon on whether it plans on making Prime available for its partners.

The New York Times has reported that Amazon is working on a new program that would allow customers who sign up through Amazon’s own site to shop from Amazon’s platform without having to sign up with Amazon Prime.

Amazon declined to comment to The Next Widget.

Amazon says it will soon add Prime to its “Prime” category on its own site.

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