to launch its own ecommerce shopping portal in 2016 has been confirmed as the new ecommerce destination for the online shopping portal that will launch in the first quarter of 2016.

The site, called Amazon Marketplace, will be a subsidiary of Amazon, the world’s largest ecommerce online retailer.

The portal will be used by sellers to find and buy products and services from other sellers and to find the best products for their specific needs.

Amazon has long been a leading ecommerce site, with more than a billion orders per month and a number of top-selling sellers on Amazon.

It is one of the largest retailers on Amazon Marketplace.

The portal will also provide buyers with an easy way to find products from around the world, allowing them to shop for their favourite items on Amazon and select the ones that suit their shopping habits. currently offers a variety of ecommerce services for buyers.

One such service is the Amazon Prime Store, where Amazon offers a number, curated curated and curated items for sale.

A separate Prime ecommerce portal,, is also available for buyers to shop from in Germany, Spain and France.

While has been available for customers to purchase items online, its service has traditionally been limited to select, Germany, Italy and Spain.

The site’s French-language website is available for English speakers to access. and have also been set up to offer customers the ability to shop with, Amazon’s international marketplace.

Amazon Prime members can also access the portal through their Amazon account, Amazon Prime Video, or through the Amazon Echo device.

Amazon Prime Video is a subscription service for Prime members.

Amazon has said that its Prime Video channel will launch next year and is available to Amazon Prime customers in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Prime members can access the Amazon Marketplace portal and Prime Video through their devices.