Amazon’s new ecommerce platform will let you add and edit coupons, and customize prices

Amazon has added a new shopping experience to its platform for sellers to use to add and customize coupons, discounts and other prices.

The new Amazon Prime Store is a feature of the platform that lets sellers add coupons, add prices, add shipping options and edit product information.

In addition to the new features, the Amazon Prime store also offers shopping cart and checkout tools, which Amazon calls “add-ons.”

Amazon says that the shopping experience will allow sellers to add items to their cart or add items on their shopping cart to customize shopping experience.

“You can add items, prices and shipping options to your cart by simply tapping the plus icon in the bottom right corner of the page,” Amazon said.

“This opens up the cart to show you additional product details and add items or prices, as well as customize the shopping cart.

The shopping experience also allows you to add product coupons and discounts, adjust shipping costs, and manage product settings.”

Amazon also said that it is working on a new Amazon Video add-on for the Prime Store, but has not yet released details about the service.

The Prime Store was introduced earlier this year with a new, expanded version of the ecommerce software that Amazon introduced in November.

The company said at the time that the new software will allow retailers to deliver items in more convenient ways, like using the Amazon Echo, the company’s smart speaker.

Development Is Supported By

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