Why Amazon is betting on ecommerce to make money for investors

ecommerce platform Amazon has been expanding its presence in the retail industry, and the company is betting that the ecommerce industry can make a lot of money for its investors.

Amazon announced on Wednesday that it is expanding its ecommerce service into fulfillment and delivery.

It also said that it will be launching a new ecommerce app for retailers, which will allow users to buy, sell and receive products and services on the Amazon marketplace.

Amazon said it has “over 400 million customers in the US, more than any other ecommerce company.”

Amazon also said it is opening new fulfillment centers across the country, with more locations expected in the next three months.

Amazon is betting it can win the e-commerce market with its e-tailer platform.

Amazon recently introduced its Prime service, which gives Amazon Prime members a chance to shop for products online and save money.

Amazon also announced that it has signed up for an expansion into ecommerce, with additional fulfillment centers planned in several cities.

Amazon’s expansion into the eCommerce space is a boon for Amazon’s shareholders.

The company owns ecommerce giant Snap Inc., which has a market value of more than $4.7 billion.

Snap also operates Amazon’s AmazonFresh, which offers up to 100 items for $1.99 each on Amazon.com and offers delivery to Amazon.

AmazonFresh also operates a delivery service, Amazon Prime, for which users pay $99 a year.

Amazon currently operates two fulfillment centers in the Bay Area, in Oakland and Seattle.

The expansion into fulfillment is expected to increase Amazon’s e-Commerce presence in both cities.

The Seattle office is part of Amazon’s second-largest fulfillment center, and it is a hub for AmazonFresh.

In 2014, Amazon announced that the Seattle fulfillment center would be moved to the city of Seattle and Amazon’s third-largest e- commerce hub, in San Francisco.

Amazon also announced in May that it would be expanding into logistics services.

The Seattle office of AmazonFresh is currently located at 521 S. Washington St., Suite 200, Seattle, Washington 98109.