A ‘business plan’ that can help you set up your ecommerce shop for 2018

Business plan for 2018.

Read moreThe new platform is being developed by e-commerce giant Snapdeal and aims to enable e-tailers to plan and launch their ecommerce businesses from scratch, making it easier for them to get their online business off the ground.

Snapdeal has partnered with e-Commerce platform DHL and is using the platform to create a Business Plan that aims to help its e-customers and partners set up their own online business from scratch.

“The platform will help e-shops to better understand the needs and needs of their customers and help them plan their businesses.

It will help them to plan the growth and the profitability of their businesses,” said Prakash Kapoor, senior vice-president, Product Development, Snapdeal.

With the help of this platform, companies will be able to quickly start their own ecommerce stores, according to Snapdeal, and it will also help them make a better understanding of the customer’s needs and priorities.

“We are going to be very specific in what needs to be met in terms of how long a user will be active on the platform.

This will help us to understand our customers needs,” said Kapoor.

The platform also aims to provide businesses with a single platform for all their product and service plans. 

“The business plan will help businesses make a much more efficient, transparent and scalable approach to their e-business,” said Rahul Kishan, product manager, Snapd.

Snapdeal, SnapDeal ecommerce platform Snapdeal launched its online shop platform in July 2017.

It currently has more than 2.7 million online stores across 40 countries.

Development Is Supported By

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